April 20, 2021 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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One of the Harwood Museum of Art's main goals is to introduce and to make accessible the collection and special exhibitions to our entire community, young and old. Since our reopening in 1997, the Harwood has introduced thousands of children to the Museum. We have also established a series of innovative, free, regular art programs for children and families, and have provided outreach into our local schools. We believe introducing children to art at an early age provides countless benefits - encouraging creativity, building links to our histories and cultures, while also allowing for fun and experimentation.

We have programs for adults, seniors, and an extensive children's program.


So Much More Than Art Classes:

One of our Educational Programs is Art in the Schools.  We host thousands of visits from area school children.  Here is a glimpse at what we try to accomplish with this program:

The intended impact of Art in Schools is to increase access to arts learning and the creative experience in a museum environment for the at-risk population of elementary students in Taos. We encourage students to view themselves as an integral part of a creative and artistic community and to envision a future with museums and art. We make museums and the arts accessible (and fun!) to all students regardless of income, and physical or cognitive abilities. Below are the specific Goals and Outcomes we consider with a brief interpretation of what we look for.

o Develop Creativity. When engaged in our program students demonstrate original thinking, brainstorming, storytelling, imagination and curiosity. Students demonstrate collaboration and cooperation by building on each other’s ideas and being open to other’s ways of thinking. They are able to take these concepts and act on their creative ideas to make a tangible expression in the studio.

o Develop Critical Thinking. When discussing what they feel and see in art, students observe, question, compare/contrast, interpret, synthesize and associate ideas, problem solve and evaluate. When viewing and making art students show flexibility in their thinking, take risks with projects or interpretations and accept feedback.

o Foster Cultural & Community Awareness. By viewing artwork from both the permanent collection and special exhibitions, students are exposed to a diversity of ideas, places and time. This exposure enhances an ability to understand what life is like for people who live in a different place or time – and comparing and contrasting allows students to examine their own culture, both personal and within the rich history of Taos. Students are able to reflect on their own uniqueness and the role of arts in the community.

o Increase Understanding of Art Viewing & Making. Students increase their ability to discuss works of art through new vocabulary and related concepts. They also learn to distinguish diverse media, techniques and artistic processes. By having personally significant experiences with art, students can take pride in their work and increase their self-perception as creative or artistic.

o Express Joy Through Learning. Joy creates resiliency to move through difficulties and engages the whole child. Curiosity is nurtured in the visits to the museum and inspires the most beautiful questions. Students discover how to settle into art making and discussions to reveal their inner motivations for learning or enjoyment and to think about what cannot be seen. Commitment and follow-through improves as students are encouraged to experiment and create original ideas.

ALL of the funding for our Educational Programs is dependent on the generosity of people just like you. Become a supporter today.  Contact us at education@harwoodmuseum.org or at this link. DONATE


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